Summer Studies 2017 registration begins for all students, regardless of level, on Feb. 14, 2017, at 8 a.m. Plan to register as early as possible. It's best to register for all classes at one time, even if they are in different sessions.

The complete list of courses being offered during Summer Studies will be available on VCU’s Schedule of Classes after Feb. 9, 2017.

How to register

Current VCU students can register online through eServices or in person at the Student Services Center.

If you are not currently enrolled in a degree program at VCU, visit the Nondegree-seeking students page.


To request an override for class size or prerequisite restriction, contact the course instructor or academic department.

Registration for audit

Students may register for audit only during the add/drop period. Changes from credit to audit are not allowed during the add/drop period. Students who audit pay regular tuition and fees, are subject to attendance regulations and may be subject to other course requirements.

Course load

Each summer course is designed to give one semester’s worth of work. With careful scheduling, students can earn as many as 15 credits during the summer if coursework extends over the full Summer Studies calendar.


Students who wish to take more than 15 hours during Summer Studies must receive permission for an overload. Audited courses are counted as part of the course load. Call the Summer Studies office at (804) 827-4586 for help in seeking approval.

Course load regulations

All summer classes are intensive and demanding, especially three- and five-week courses. Students experiencing academic difficulty should consider this advisory before registering for three-week classes and be aware that the summer add/drop period is 48 hours.

Students should also consider the amount of time required for each class with realistic expectations. Summer success is based on the academic standard of one credit per week.

Recommended course loads include:

  • Six credits in five weeks
  • Nine credits in eight weeks
  • Three credits in an occasional two-week workshop
  • Seven credits in six weeks

Course loads we do not recommend include:

  • Nine credits in either five or six weeks
  • Six credits in either three or four weeks
  • Three credits in one week, with the exception of special programs

Enrollment changes


During the summer, the add/drop deadline is midnight on the day following the first day of a given class. This rule applies even if the class does not meet on two consecutive days. These deadlines are strictly observed, and there are no partial refunds in summer. Adds or drops may be made through eServices or in person at the Student Services Center during regular office hours. Drops must be made in person by the close of business if the student has a hold restricting registration.


After the last day to add/drop a class, students may withdraw from a class through eServices or in person at the Student Services Center. Withdrawal deadlines are published in the sessions calendar. Withdrawal dates for classes and workshops that meet outside the regular sessions are on file at the Student Services Center, and students are responsible for meeting these deadlines. Withdrawals must be made in person by the close of business at the Student Services Center if the student has a hold restricting registration.

Students who withdraw receive a grade of “W” on their academic records. Failure to withdraw by the established deadlines may result in a failing grade. There are no refunds for withdrawals during Summer Studies. Students who wish to withdraw after the deadline must file an ARAC appeal through their advisor.

Cancellation of registration

Students may cancel their entire summer registration before the first class by dropping all courses through eServices, visiting the Student Services Center or sending a letter postmarked before the start of the first class to:

VCU Records and Registration
P.O. Box 842520
Richmond, VA 23284-2520


Summer-only students, or those who plan to complete degrees elsewhere, are encouraged but not required to see an advisor. To schedule an appointment, call University Academic Advising at (804) 827-8648.

Continuing degree-seeking students are assigned advisors by their schools and departments.

All first-year and pre-health professions students are advised through University Academic Advising. Undeclared students are also advised through UAA until they declare a major and their records are transferred to the appropriate department.

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